About Us

What is a Medical Council?
A medical council is a nationally recognized legal body that regulates the medical profession and the ongoing education of all medical doctors in a country. Medical councils register qualified doctors to practice medicine in the country. The purpose of a medical council is to protect the public by   promoting and ensuring high standards of professional conduct and medical care among doctors. Most countries in the world have a medical council.

What is the Medical Council of Cambodia?
The Medical Council of Cambodia (MCC) was established with a Royal Decree in February 2000. Like other medical councils throughout the world, the MCC was established as an autonomous body that governs the practice medicine, in both the private and public sectors, in Cambodia .

What is the purpose of the MCC?
MCC has the obligation to regulate the practice of medicine, to ensure that the code of ethics is upheld by all physicians, and to ensure that medicine is being practiced justly and honestly in order to protect the reputation, integrity, dignity and freedom of the medical profession. MCC also has the obligation to ensure that the practice of medicine is professional and meets the up-to-date technical standards in order to protect the health and well-being of the patient population in Cambodia.



Mission and Vision
In accordance with Royal Decree No. NS/RKT/0200/039:
  • Medical Council shall monitor the functioning of the ethical principles, honesty, justice and loyalty needed in practicing medical profession in a sustainable and effective manner.
  • Medical Council shall monitor the operation of all members in terms of professional duties and provisions mentioned in the Medical Code of Ethics.
  • Medical Council shall guarantee to protect reputation and freedoms of the medical profession.  
  • Medical Council shall perform its duties through the Provincial-Municipal, Regional and National Medical Councils.
  1. Medical Council shall be responsible for developing the Medical Code of Ethics based on the needs of the medical profession, which will be strictly observed for coherent practice to improve technical, economic and social developments promoting the patients’ interests.
  2. Medical Council shall monitor the practice and compliance.
  3. Medical Council shall be autonomous and self-reliant in terms of spending and funding,ensuring its freedoms and protecting the interests of the professional ethics.